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Website Conversion Using Automated Product Demos

Internet Marketing and Conversion Optimization

Entrepreneurs and other business-minded professionals operating in the 21st Century environment know that for a marketing strategy to be effective, it MUST include a major emphasis on internet marketing -including search engine optimization, social media, blogging, press releases, and other activities that create awareness for the company and product and that attract leads.

An integral part of internet marketing is converting traffic once it arrives at your website or some other online property that your company is using to sell its product or service.  Conversion rate optimization (CRO), or put simply: getting the most value out of each visitor to a website, has carved out its own space as a major part of the internet marketing industry.  There are several reasons for businesses to put some serious attention into understanding their site visitors and moving them through the conversion funnel.  If you needed anymore reason to get your prospective prospects engaged with your website, it’s been rumored (enough to take it seriously) that site usability metrics such as SERP click-through rate and bounce rate (factors associated with conversion optimization) are playing increasingly larger parts in the search ranking equation. 

Making Your Site More Engaging

The stale old website of the early 1990’s doesn’t seem to work anymore for keeping traffic within the boundaries of your website.  With the last decade of advancements in multimedia, data transfer, and memory capabilities of the internet and devices that are connected to it, people expect pages to be brought to life.

 Product Demos Increase Website Conversions

A startup called DemoChimp is built around a product is touted as a tool for increasing website conversions via product demo videos.  This platform allows website owners to create and piece together customizable lifelike introductions to products and services, and it even gives users the ability to see analytics surrounding how their demos were used.  Watch their demo to see whether it might be something you should integrate into your CRO strategy.




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