Use Adobe Photoshop to Find Web Site Color Codes

This article was written by Richard Robbins

Have you ever been to a web site and thought, “Hey, I like those colors.  I wonder how easily I could integrate them into my web site.”  Often when I am designing a new web site, I find it helpful to set up a color palette by referring to what others have used.  Well, here’s a trick that will help you get the hexadecimal codes that comprise the color scheme for a web site.  Using this trick, you won’t have to use View Source and sort through a bunch of code trying to figure out which colors are represented by which codes.

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Setting up Web Hosting with a Verio VPS Account

I recently became a Verio Reselling Partner after having spent years hosting web sites on my dedicated server account with HostGator.com.  After being assigned a reseller number, I ordered a Linux VPS Basic hosting plan.  I then went about switching one of my web sites, a retail store using Zen Cart software to sell sweatshirts, from my HostGator account to my new Verio Linux VPS Basic setup.  The cost of a Linux VPS Basic account is significantly less (especially for a reseller) than what I have been paying for a HostGator dedicated server.   Here are a few things that I found.

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