Getting Rid of Joomla! Comment Spammers

I recently downloaded and installed on my Joomla!-based web site ( a Joomla! comment component that allows visitors to my site to make comments on articles I’ve posted.  The component even comes with an image verification code to keep automated spider spammers from going through my site and leaving their annoying trail of links to suspicious websites.  However, precautions be danged, the spammers still came.  Soon after I installed the comment component, I found that spam comments, presumably entered manually, were showing up on many of my site’s articles.

When I checked into how these spammers were finding me, I noticed that they were using Google searches for terminology used in the comments section.  Most specifically, they were searching for the term “powered by !joomlacomment“, which is found at the bottom of each articles where the component shows up.

To remedy the situation, I performed a Linux search from the components/com_comment/ directory for the file containing “Powered by !joomlacomment” by executing this Linux file search command:  find . | xargs grep ‘Poweredsl”.  The result showed me that the guilty section of code was in the insertPoweredBy() function located in the components/com_comment/joscomment/comment.class.php file.  I removed changed the return statement in that function to simply “return ‘’;  That should make it so that those irritating spammers won’t be able to find me so easily.  I may end up having to change other wording or the layout of the comment section to keep them away from my site.

In addition to making it more difficult for spammers to find my site, I also set the Autopublish comments setting to No.  That setting is located under the Security tab of the !Joomlacontent ->Content Settings page.  With that setting in place, at least the spammer comments won’t show up on my site automatically.

I hope this article is helpful for any of you who might need a little extra help staying ahead of that group of society intent on wrecking havoc on the Internet world.

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